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2012-01-08 15:03:32 by FieryAmethyst

For those of you who were either involved in this, or somehow heard about it and were wanting to see...

I'll have to delay "Skyloft @ Nite" <-- (official title) for these reasons...

1. My computer, which is on the verge of being ancient, can no longer support Flash all that well. I can work with it for a few minutes...but then it freezes and that can be very frustrating.

2. To be honest, I really SHOULD be focusing on my schoolwork, since this is my last semester and all...but that's not really a huge problem. XD

Mainly, its the thing with my computer, I'm hoping I can just get a newer one sometime soon...maybe an apple computer since I hear they work really well with art and stuff like that. I'm so sorry everyone! But it will be a while longer before you'll see it. :/


Auditions: OVER

2011-12-21 20:51:03 by FieryAmethyst

Okay, so yesterday I posted about the Skyward Sword short that I was working on. Well I am here to say, that all the roles have been filled. I will be contacting all those who PM'd me, to let you know. But this is just to make sure, so I don't get my inbox flooded with a bunch of messages.

I'm sorry to those of you who wanted a part, but didn't get one, for whatever reason. :/ But I wish all of you luck and a Merry Christmas! (...and a Happy New Year...) xD

Thank you to everyone who helped out. :)


Voices? Anyone?

2011-12-20 16:44:24 by FieryAmethyst

I'm FINALLY getting to work on a flash of my own, but I need voices.

I'm working on a little parody short about Skyward Sword. To my knowledge it doesn't include any spoilers...and if so, its very minimal.

I will need both male and female voices. Who wants to try for Link? I know someone out there does! :D
So please PM me if you're interested.


...Er, another post?

2011-07-01 16:21:25 by FieryAmethyst

Okay...curently working with pretty-chibi7 on an upcomming parody series. (the name shalt not yet be revealed, it up to her when it will be...) And hoping to actually post something of my OWN before this post gets so old, it turns into a lie...kinda.

...Yeah... >_<

Alrigty... :D

2010-11-25 18:01:55 by FieryAmethyst

Okay, just so you all know...
I am working on a few projects at the moment...(yeah, for anyone who may stumble upon this...I've only posted one thing...)

They're just minor things, very short. Expect to see them soon!

Bye for now! -F.Amethyst

EDIT: clearly, you didn't see them very soon, sorry about that you guys. (that is if anybody reads this crap) -.-'' haha