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Entry #5


2012-01-08 15:03:32 by FieryAmethyst

For those of you who were either involved in this, or somehow heard about it and were wanting to see...

I'll have to delay "Skyloft @ Nite" <-- (official title) for these reasons...

1. My computer, which is on the verge of being ancient, can no longer support Flash all that well. I can work with it for a few minutes...but then it freezes and that can be very frustrating.

2. To be honest, I really SHOULD be focusing on my schoolwork, since this is my last semester and all...but that's not really a huge problem. XD

Mainly, its the thing with my computer, I'm hoping I can just get a newer one sometime soon...maybe an apple computer since I hear they work really well with art and stuff like that. I'm so sorry everyone! But it will be a while longer before you'll see it. :/



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2012-01-20 07:53:59

Dang, I really wanna see your animation! :P

FieryAmethyst responds:

Sorry! >.< There's not much I can do about it.